About Us

Shipping containers for storage are quick solutions to any problem you encounter in storing different materials or equipment.

Any request from you will be analyzed and we will adapt to your service request.

We can provide container transportation services, container handling, container storage.

Through our partners we can provide repairs and modification of containers, painting and priming, floor repairs and sea containers or office containers.

The transport services are provided with a truck fleet equipped with a crane that can carry and unload shipping and office containers safely and at low cost because we eliminate the presence of a container handling equipment that would be necessary for loading or unloading operations on the truck.

We offer a legal guarantee for the works performed by our company and we offer specialized and trained personnel for special works at the electrical or air conditioning installation.

Since 2017 we offer commissioning and repair services for shipping containers, we ensure our team’s travel to any region of the country for intervention in sea container refrigerators.